ETF Library Utilization API

To check the ETF Library utilization the customer can use the follow API:


Where NAME is replaced with your FundApps tenant name

The API is similar to all our others, requiring basic authorization using an API user and password configured in the main FundApps platform.

API Responses typically follow the below format:

    "used": 2,
    "contracted": 10,
    "etfsUsed": [
            "etfISIN": "DE000A0F5UK5",
						"etfBenchmarkISIN": "EU0009658632"
            "etfISIN": "IE0005042456"


Field Definition
Contracted The total number of ETFs your organisation has available for use within the Composites service (typically the number your organisation contracted for when singing for the service)
Used The number of ETFs your organisation has used from the allowance in the last year.
(list) Displays details of the ETF used from the FundApps ETF library. Some entries may have a Benchmark ISIN while others will not. Those with a Benchmark ISIN may have been used by an index derivative or directly via the ETF ISIN itself

How do we calculate usage?

Each time the service is invoked (by sending an Adapptr file or XML file directly to the enrichment service) we will scan through the instruments to enrich, firstly checking any customer supplied data using Bring Your Own Data (BYOD), then using the FundApps ETF library.

<aside> 💡 Any data supplied via Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) will be checked and used first if available. BYOD does not count towards your ETF library usage.


When scanning through the ETF library for matches to customer supplied Instruments we will check for direct matches (Customer supplied ETF to FundApps ETF) as well as Benchmark matches (Index based instruments).

Any matches at the composite level we find will be used to add constituent weightings to these instruments. Constituents are cross referenced against your outright holdings of the underlying and related accordingly. Once matched in the library, this will count as 1 use of your allowance.

ETF usage is tracked for up to a year at which point the usage token will be re-allocated back into your allowance.